Introduction To Internet Marketing

There are over 2 BILLION web pages indexed and logged in search engines right now and the Internet is still growing. Many companies mistakenly believe that

simply having a web site will yield tangible results. If you are but one site of 4,000,000 or 400,000, or even 400 sites, how are your potential customers going to find you, especially if they don't know who you are?

Most Internet customers use the major search engines to find specific mortgage information.

Various Internet studies verify the vast majority of web visitors start at a major search engine in order to find what they are seeking. In order to direct potential customers to your site, you not only have to have a site suitable for humans, you have to deliver quality, optimized source code to each search engine. When a web site is submitted to a search engine for inclusion in its database, that search engine sends a "spider" to index your HTML source code. The "human content" of our sites are translated by the search engine and then processed by a complex scoring formula, an algorithm, unique to each search engine.

Internet studies show that 90% of people donít look past the first 30 search engine results.


This is where Mortgage Promote functions. We generate highly targeted mortgage leads by managing the search engines. Our services are copyrighted and proprietary.

Most savvy corporate web site owners think of lead generation as advertising, and include the cost of marketing in the company's advertising or public relations budget, along with radio, TV, newspaper or magazine ads. And unlike many other forms of advertising, we only get paid if we produce leads for your company.



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