Because of the large lead volume we achieve, we are able to offer exclusive mortgage leads at pricing comparable to "shared lead" pricing.

Also we are able to provide real time live leads at no additional costs. These real time leads are so current; that their response rates are extremely high.

Most other companies “share” their leads with 2-4 other lenders; but we only sell leads on an exclusive basis. So that means a much higher loan close rate.


Our lead pricing is simple. Your company sets specific parameters on how many leads you wish to receive each day. We also set specific filtering criteria based upon your specific needs (see below). When mortgage applicants complete the lead form and press "submit", the leads are routed from our web server into our distribution program, then to the inbox of the client fitting the given parameters.

Since we cannot control applicant information, we have an excellent return policy. If the applicant is a minor, wrong phone number, never filled out the form; we will replace such an error with another lead. We ensure that you receive only what you pay for. Our replacement policy eliminates these variables and guarantees the highest profitability for your company.

Depending upon the number of leads per purchased per day (and filtering criteria), our exclusive lead pricing starts at $20+ per lead. 


Because of the large number of leads we generate on a daily basis, we filter leads based upon your chosen states (we do not filter per zip codes or area codes). If additional filtering is required (i.e. refinance only, credit status, loan amounts, LTV, etc), the per lead pricing will be slightly higher for this extra filtering. Please let us know your specific requirements so we can provide a customized quote. 

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