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If you would prefer a lower cost Internet marketing option, we are offering a special introductory incentive on how to receive our Mortgage Internet Marketing Manual and do-it-yourself strategies for individual mortgage brokers or smaller offices.


Many individual mortgage brokers or small size companies do not have the capital resources available to completely out-source their Internet marketing needs. Recognizing the large demand for our Internet marketing knowledge & expertise, we are currently developing an easy to follow, systematic Internet marketing manual for mortgage brokers.

Our Mortgage Internet Marketing Manual will provide you with a marketing guideline to help drive new, targeted customers to your mortgage web site. This comprehensive marketing manual contains over 175+ pages...full of Internet tricks, how-to-tips, undocumented secrets and step-by-step, proven on-line marketing strategies.


This step-by-step manual will show you how to effectively market your web site by harnessing the power of the search engines and other powerful Internet promotion techniques. Current research reveals that the majority of Internet customers first go to the major search engines to research information. And 90% of these users do not go past the top search engine results. In other words, if you are not highly ranked in the search engines...your customers will be unable to find your web site.

Our Mortgage Internet Marketing Manual reveals the steps you need to take to have even a chance at receiving a top ranked site.


Poverty is when large efforts yield small results.
Wealth is when small efforts yield large results

This manual was developed for all Internet user levels beginner, intermediate, or advance. And all users levels will profit from our expertise and strategies. In this manual we provide real world examples & step-by-step instructions for all skill abilities. In other words, we show you what you need-to-know to effectively promote your mortgage web site.

Here are a few of the questions we will answer for your mortgage company, including

If you build it… will they originate?

Internet Management Strategies

  • "Being rich is having money, being wealthy is having time." How to leverage your web site effectively, so you have more free time.

  • From bricks to clicks… transforming your real world business to the net.

  • How to make the internet your best salesperson Even better than you...

  • Can you really fire your entire sales force, or just your sales manager?

  • Understanding on-line customers What ‘www’ really means, and how to use it to your advantage.

  • What does a web site really cost? We can show you why it doesn't cost anything.

  • The advantage of first to arrive on the net; and the disadvantages.

  • Integrating mortgage business into your web site What to watch out for.

  • Which fairy tale character designs the most web sites on the net? You know her, but don’t let her do your site.

  • What the ‘com’ in .com, really stands for, and if you don’t know this, how it can put you at a disadvantage.

  • Needs analysis Just who needs this internet anyway?

  • "Poverty is when large efforts yield small results. Wealth is when small efforts yield large results." How to escape net poverty and become wealthy.

Internet Statistics

  • Turning data into information how to use internet statistics to design your web site and target your customers.

  • The secret internet population and how to design your site for them.

Domain Name Selection

  • The importance of domain names selecting the right one for your business, can give you the business.

  • How using your own name for a domain name can hurt your business.

  • How to select the correct domain name for your on-line business, don't make this mistake...

  • Which five internet sites to use when you are researching potential domain names.

  • How to register your new domain name and where to do it.

  • What to do if someone has ‘your’ domain name.

Information Architecture For Mortgage Sites

  • Integrating your on-line site with your real world office Can it be done?

  • Building a web site that works ...involves work. We will show you how.

  • Do you really need a mortgage calculator? Any other ‘necessities?· Where to find the best priced mortgage calculator software for your site and what you need to satisfy your customers.

  • The awful truth about meta-tags, what they are and how to use them to your advantage.

  • Does the size of your web site really matter? Well, does it? We will show you what information you absolutely must have in your site.

  • Silly putty or steel? Where to be flexible in your web site, and where not budge an inch.

  • I know what you did last session why not to use cookies on your site, and when to…

  • Are you secure? Using secure servers to make your customers feel safe.

Visual Design For Mortgage Customers

  • Our comprehensive, step-by-step checklist for design and the layout of your site. This alone is worth the price of admission.

  • If you don’t do this, you will have a difficult time competing.

  • How a splash page can make your site seem all wet.

  • First impressions count Eight seconds to glory. Designing your website with modems in mind.

  • Appearance Comic books vs. Hemingway, why Superman always wins in web design, at least initially.

  • Graphical prowess Too much ‘wu-wu’ on your site? We show you what mistakes not to make.

  • Making a favorable impression What makes web sites really ‘suck.’

  • Navigating your site You confuse, you lose. Our check list for your navigation issues.

  • Using software plug-ins for your site should you?

  • Cookie cutter web sites and the Temple 

  • How to break free of the training wheels on your site, that you didn’t even know you have.

  • Play that funky music, web boy’, and other tunes to avoid.

Internet Content Making A King Out Of A Pauper

  • Offering content Why you have to have content, and why fresh content is a myth.

  • Writing content Humans or search engine spiders?

  • Typoes and speling Seaking morgages. Typo’s can make you look bad, and how typo’s can bring hundreds of extra customers.

  • How to write your sites to maximize your search engine rankings; without alienating your readers.

Technology Integration

  • How much ‘oomph’ do you need? The human touch.

  • Who ‘dat? Following the trail of bread crumbs that lead to your site.

  • Logs The hidden gold mine.

Mortgage Internet Commerce

  • Closing loans on-line Is it easier? We’ll show you how.

  • In net we trust How to communicate trustworthiness to a skeptical customer.

  • See ya Why customers don’t complete on-line application forms. And how to make them.

  • Closing the sale People still like to be "sold," how to do it on-line.

  • The Oklahoma (Internet) land rush Gaining or losing your internet market share.

  • On-line lending portals Useful or waste-of-time?

Mortgage Marketing & Promotion

  • In net space, no one can hear you scream; which is probably a good thing if your not get visitors to your site.

  • Driving traffic Head ‘em up, move ‘em out. 37 ways to promote your site.

  • Precision mortgage marketing Getting your next door neighbor to your web site, without them knowing it… without them even knowing who you are.

  • Real world marketing versus virtual marketing What is different.

  • Why your mother can’t find your web site How to get your web site found.

  • Ten fatal flaws of mortgage marketing Care to make it 11?

  • Permission marketing May I?

  • Linking strategies They check in, but they don’t check out. The ONE thing you don’t want to do on your site.

  • Clicks away Banner ads and other questionable activity. The whole truth behind banner ads.

  • Mortgage directories Just who do they direct and can they work for you?

  • What web pages and lottery tickets have in common… but, more importantly, what they don’t.

  • How "free" and "contests" can turn your site into a cyber garbage dump.

Search Engine Optimization

  • How to pave the road less traveled and drive traffic to your site.

  • Tips & tricks Search engine secrets that don’t work.

  • Of marathons and sprints, why you are in for the race of your life.

  • Search engine placement, management and positioning More than a submission.

  • Which search engines to list your site in and why, and which search engines not list your site in, and why not?

  • 92 percent of Web traffic goes to the top 5 percent of sites; how to get the rest of them to go to you.

Gateway, Doorway and Portal Pages

  • What are Gateway, Doorway and Portal pages and how to use them.

  • If a Gateway page is good, is a gateway domain better?

Search Engine Submissions

  • Do you know how many pages of your web site you can submit, and how often? Do you know what happens if you over submit?

  • How to submit your site properly and what the url address you should use.

  • When you should manually submit your website and when you should use an automatic submitting program.

  • Which automatic submission program should you use, if any?

  • How to verify that your site has been indexed by the search engines - our secret technique...

  •  Why not to use a submission service.

Search Engine Secrets... That Don't Work

  • Why not to use your competitors name in your meta tags.

  • How to safely use your competitors name in your web site.

  • Why if you submit your page every month, you are hurting your rankings.

  • How using "sex" words can actually hurt your rankings, hurt the number of visitors you have and cause problems with the internet search engines.

Competitor Analysis

  •  How to find out everything on your competitor and then what to do with that information.

Internet Software

  • Which software must you have to effectively compete on the net, and where to get it

Customer Analysis

  • How to know exactly what people typed in the search engines to find your site. Are you offering 'home mortgages" and your visitors looking for 'home loans"? How to understand what your customer really wants and, even though they won’t tell you, where to look to find it out.

  • How to know how to people found your site,

  • How to know how long your customers stayed on each page, and where they went after leaving your web site.

  • Why know which is your top exit page is important and how to change it.

Making E-mail the Killer App

  • How to make sure the email name you select doesn't sabotage you.

  • How to tell which key words your customers are typing to find you.

  • Effectively using e-mail for marketing.

  • How to use multiple signature personalities to multiply your business.

  • Which e-mail program to use for your business.

  • Green Eggs and Spam, what Dr. Seuss would tell you about bulk

  •  e-mail.and much, much, much more...


This manual is a perfect resource to help you improve and effectively market your mortgage web site. This manual is very detailed and provides many of our secrets to obtaining highly ranked web pages in the search engines. This Internet marketing manual will be available by middle to late November and the first edition will be priced at less than one closed loan, or just $1,950. This pricing also includes:

*100% money-back guarantee

*Two coupons for free e-mail consultations

*Access to our members-only web page

*Our monthly newsletter with new Internet marketing strategies and tips

*Plus e-mail manual updates for one year

We have made this manual affordable so individual mortgage brokers & smaller companies can afford to effectively compete on the net. That is the real power of the Internet ... your company is able compete with the major mortgage companies on the same playing field.

What if you could produce a web site that could drive hundreds or thousands of new visitors to your web site? What would it cost you to present a single display ad - one time, one day only - in a local newspaper? What would it cost for a full page color ad in your local yellow pages (usually runs $3,000/month and up). This manual will show you how to create web pages that promote your company...every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout your specific mortgage area.


Teach a man to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime.

The anticipated completion date for the manual is the middle to late November.

** As a bonus for mortgage brokers that pre-order our Internet Marketing manual, we are offering this step-by-step manual at a $300 discount. Please contact us to receive your $300 discount. By pre-ordering this manual right now, your purchase price will be reduced to just $1,650. We accept Visa, Master Card, & American Express. **

Your 100% Money back guarantee

You have a full 12 Months (a full year) to use our Mortgage Internet Marketing Manual, apply the techniques, and see for yourself that it works for you. If you decide that the value of our service does not far exceed the price you paid, then simply tell us -- and you'll receive a complete and courteous refund within 72 hours after your request.

Your 200% Money Back Guarantee

Solely, at your option, you can also elect to use our 200% guarantee. Simply call us and tell us that you love our work, but don't have time to apply it to your business, and that you want us to do it for you... we will apply 200% of you purchase price to offset our normal consulting fees.


Rod Aries & Robert Farris, are co-founders of & monthly column writers for National Mortgage Broker Magazine and the Mortgage Press. Rod and Robert are regularly published and quoted in numerous industry publications like Origination News and Mortgage Banking Magazine. Additionally, they are featured speakers at Internet marketing seminars.

Just one extra closed loan, easily pays for the cost of our informative manual. To make your order right now, please e-mail us at or call 1.800.625.8787



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